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Hair care is something everyone misses out. Don’t worry we got you covered, We have products that can cover everything you need to take care of your hair. 

Mridu Hair Oil


Mridu is the brain child of Kirti Agarwal who always practised traditional home remedies in daily life.A mother of 2 daughters was always obsessed with their hair and used all natural things to make their hair long and healthy ..The love for naturopathy came genetically from her father who was a true believer of nature and it’s healing power

The journey of Mridu started when one day her daughter at 20, returned from college and said
“Thank God Maa, I don’t have any grey hair or bald spot”, hearing which Kirti was surprised that young kids these days have hair problems at this age and decided that something had to be done and this is how Mridu was born.

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 To see every person having problem free skin and hair by using natural products which are not only effective but also affordable.

Our Strength:

Our ingredients which are pure and simple and are either from our kitchen or those with medicinal properties. And not just this, but to maintain the purity they are dried, grounded, filtered, packaged by hand in the most hygienic conditions. Only organic cold pressed oils and pure essential oils are used. Every product is handcrafted with motherly love and care because for you it may be a product but for us it’s a dream taking shape.


To solve all hair related problems with our natural products and to make our brand a trusted household name.



Yes,  we make them in our own kitchen so you can understand how safe they are for use.

Are you only in to hair care ?

Right now we started with hair care soon we will be coming with our natural skin care products also.

What type of ingredients are used ?

Our speciality is our ingredients which are mostly from home garden and kitchen .They are simple yet effective.

What age these products can be used?

These products are suitable for all age group above 12 yrs and both the Gender.

When can we start seeing the result after applying the oil ?

You can start seeing results from as early as 2nd application to 1 month depending on how severe the problem is.

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